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dimanche 31 janvier 2010

Comment le Conseil Parisien de la Jeunesse cherche de nouveaux partenaires

Le Conseil Parisien de la Jeunesse est à la recherche de contact avec d'autres conseils de la jeunesse d'autres capitales européennes pour l'organisation d'un séminaire européen à Paris de quelques jours sur les discriminations.

The Youth Council of Paris gathers young volunteers throughout the city, ages 15 to 25. Last October, we involved ourselves in a European-wide project that focuses on discrimination.

We are currently inviting youth councils from various European capitals to focus on a certain topic and elaborate on collective projects. The Youth Council of Paris suggests that the struggle against discrimination could be a significant and unifying topic to focus on. It would provide an excellent opportunity to create a network of youth councils amongst European capitals.

One of the goals of this project would be to create an exhibition (photo, video, interview…) on various types of discrimination. The opening of this exhibition would take place in Paris on the 9th and 10th of July and include a seminar that gathers the other youth councils involved in this project. We are currently making efforts to receive financial support from the European Commission through its “Youth in Action” program. 

This project aims to promote cooperation amongst youth councils throughout Europe.

Led in full collaboration with the General Delegation of International Relations, this idea reflects the increasing interests of members of the Youth Council of Paris for International and European affairs.
The City Hall of Paris’ Division of International Relation supports this project and will help us receive financial aid from the European Commission.

Councils from London, Brussels, Rome and Berlin are already fully involved in this project, and the greater our numbers, the stronger our impact. Hence, we simply ask you if you are willing to join this project. Any suggestions on your part are welcome, as we would also like to learn more about your current projects.

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